23 Information You’ve never heard about the Holi Festival


Every year in India the arrival of spring is met with fun celebrations from each other. With a celebration of the Battle of Colors called the Holi Festival, everyone throws colored paint powders at each other. The gargantuan ensembles that are Motley meet spring with frantic fun. We share 23 information about the Holi festival that you’ve never heard of before.

1) The Holi Fest, which takes place with the participation of the Indian people and tourists from many parts of the world, begins with the paint being applied first to the face and then thrown into each other’s bodies.

2) These colored paints that people throw at each other mean a colorful transformation of the environment and rebirth with the arrival of spring.

3) The coming of spring is celebrated with the full moon in this festival, which is named after Holi, inspired by the story of Holika, which symbolizes the victory and superiority of The Good over the bad.

4) Especially the scene where the legendary person named Holika becomes ash is performed every year to keep this legend alive.

5) Before the festival, people gather wood and wood to light fires.

6) In accordance with the traditions of the Holi Festival, a puppet is burned by cursing the devil.

7) Everyone shouts “Holi-hai” in unison while the puppet is burned.

8) On the last day of the Holi festival, people attending the festival share the ashes left over from the Holi fire to take them home.

9) Those who take the ashes of the fire of Holi into their homes believe that their homes and themselves are protected from evil.

10) Only fire is lit on the first day of the festival.

11) On the last day of the festival, i.e. the second day, paint is taken from vendors and markets on the streets, and everywhere you look you see Earth paints, paint dealers, children with paint on their hands.

12) The people of India produce Palash and tesu plants which they will use at the festival.

13) Whether you take ready to paint or organic paint, the aim of the festival is to celebrate the arrival of spring. Any kind of powder paint is enough to celebrate.


14) While the red color used at the festival represents innocence,

15) Green color vitality and energy,

16) Blue colors demure and calm,

17) Yellow represents piety.


18) The Holi Festival, where the spring of 2018 is celebrated, “Lathmar Holi” is celebrated in Mathura in the northern region of India.

19) Another name of the Holi Festival is “Festival of Colors”.

20) During the Holi festival, people also visit temples.

21) On the day of the Festival, some of the Indigenous women wear local clothes, while others prefer to wear old clothes.

22) During the Festival week, people visit their families, relatives in each other’s homes and offer a banquet with festival-specific food.

23) In the Times of Holi festival, many tourism companies take people to the festival with tours of India. You can go into a colorful battle in the paint at the festival by booking your spot.



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