4 Things To Do In Salzburg


If you are going to visit Salzburg, Austria’s small, history-filled city, you may be inspired by the Salzburg travel guide we have prepared for you. Taking a look at the activities to be done in Salzburg, you can make your holiday more enjoyable but also full. Salzburg is the fourth-largest city in Austria. One of your favorite things about your Salzburg holiday may be that the prices here are less than half that of Vienna. During accommodation, eating and shopping, you’ll notice that Salzburg is an economic European city.

By the time you get to Salzburg, you should definitely eat Austria’s traditional schnitzel. After eating the schnitzel that is unique here, you won’t want to taste it anywhere else. The price of the schnitzel meal, which is usually served with a squeeze of lemon, ranges from 4-6 euros. If you have questions such as what to do in Salzburg, where to see you for answers let’s take you to the continuation of the article.

Watch The View From Salzburg Castle

The Hohensalzburg Castle on Festungsberg Hill, i.e. Salzburg Castle, is one of the most important landmarks of this city. Do not be afraid to see the hill, if you wish to use the cable car can go to this Festungsberg Hill. The cable car costs 11 euros per person, but it’s definitely worth the view. As soon as you take the cable car to Festungsberg Hill, all of Salzburg is at your feet. Especially if you come here at sunset, you can take glamorous photos. Salzburg Castle, situated on the hill, was built in 1077 and has never been affected by war until that day.

In it, you can see the items used in the war and take a close look at the history of Salzburg. Since it’s a pretty big castle, we suggest you spend at least half a day here.

If you want to do a culture and history tour with your children, Salzburg Castle will be the right choice. This may be the stop your children will love most during the Salzburg Tour because the puppets displayed and sold inside the castle are one of the most entertaining parts of the children.

Stop By Salzburg Zoo

Activities for families with children in Salzburg include a visit to the zoo. It is possible to see the animals closely and spend a day with them at the zoo, which is located in Salzburg’s Hellbrunner Street. At the Salzburg Zoo, which opened at 9 am and closed at 4 pm, it is possible to see many different animals, from zebras to hold-and-hold monkeys.

Located in a fairly large area, the zoo is able to see the natural environment of the animals. If you like to spend productive and enjoyable holidays with your children, a trip to the zoo may be the right activity for you. You can find the most natural and clean of Zoos popular in European cities in Salzburg. You can reach the zoo by bus 25 from the city center, with an entrance fee of 11.5 euros.

See Mozart’s House

Mozart was born in Salzburg in 1756, having opened his eyes to the world. The most important art people raised by the city of Salzburg in the north-west of Austria, W. A. Mozart’s coming. You can see the works of the famous composer and his first instruments at Mozart’s house, which music lovers visit every year. Several copies of Mozart’s compositions are also on display in the museum. Mozart’s House today welcomes its visitors as a museum.

The Mozart Museum, which has an entry fee of 11 euros, is the number one activity of tourists coming to Salzburg. If you want to understand the history of this city and get down to Mozart’s childhood, you should definitely visit this museum in Salzburg.

Visit Salzburg Cathedral

We talked about how important Mozart was to Salzburg. Salzburg Cathedral is also known as the cathedral where Mozart was baptized. Mozart fans visit Salzburg Cathedral to reminisce about Mozart. You can spend quite a mystical time in this cathedral, which is home to impeccable architecture and colorful art of painting. You should also show your friends this magnificent architecture by taking pictures in this cathedral, where the entrance is free. As soon as you enter the cathedral, the embroideries on the ceiling will take you for a moment to the most colorful years in history.

To continue the magic of the cathedral, you must stop by the Kapitelplatz Square right next to you after you leave. The Mozart chocolatier in the Square will be waiting to introduce you to the most delicious chocolate you’ve ever eaten. If you want to have a fun time in the square, you can play a huge game of chess. Do not pass without looking at the gift items sold in this square. This challenge will be the right address for you if you want to get a special gift from your friends. Throughout the Salzburg tours, you can get the chocolates that appear in the gift shops to your friends.


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