5 Cities Famous For Their Festival


Festivals one of the most important things you have to witness to get to know the cultures of countries and societies closely is festivals. Every phenomenon that forms the framework of life can be the subject of a festival. There are so many kinds of festivals on earth that can’t be counted. In this article, we compiled the most famous ones that identify with their festivals. See which of those cities…

Rio de Janeiro
The Rio Carnival, the world’s most famous festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is held in February each year. This carnival is so big that the city’s population triples in half on the dates the carnival is held every year. Nearly 2 million people who threw themselves into the drunkenness of the Samba on the day of the Festival are enjoying their hearts by dancing on the streets of the city. During the Festival, entertainment in the city continues uninterrupted for 24 hours. This festival should give the right of the locals of Rio de Janeiro. 🙂

City dwellers show off an excellent home in Rio with all their energy and joy. Stunning costumes, joyous music, and a crazy atmosphere await you at the Rio Carnival, which you will never see anywhere. You capture the energy you can’t experience anywhere else in this massive carnival that lasts four days.

Oktoberfest, which is one of the most famous festivals in the world, starts every year in the last days of September. The centerpiece of the festival in Munich, one of Germany’s most touristy cities. The Festival covers a three-week process, with about 7 million people visiting Munich during this three-week process. The festival’s emergence has a romantic story: Therese field, the site where the Oktoberfest, inspired by the glorious wedding of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese, also comes from Princess Therese.

The celebrations for the marriage of the Prince and Princess are so overgrown that they have a festive face. It’s been traditional ever since. Today, Oktoberfest fun games, held in a 420,000 square foot area, local clothes and dozens of different types of beer with the participants are very pleased.

Venice is one of the top places on the list of cities famous for their festivals. The history of the Venice Carnival, which the world admires, dates back to 1296. In 1296, Carnival Day was declared a public holiday and recognized by the state as well. The most prominent symbol of the festival is the masks. These masks, each in different colors and models, give the streets of Venice a different atmosphere.

There is also a beautiful story of the emergence of the mask tradition. During the celebrations, it was decided to wear a mask to prevent the separation between the people and the nobles. However, the resulting color and beautiful image mask tradition have been effective in coming up to the present day.

Holi Festival is one of the festivals known to most people. Even if you don’t know it as a name, you must have come across this colorful festival in an Indian film. Yes, Holi is an Indian Festival. The importance of India between its festivals and famous countries is undeniable. At the Holi festival, you witness the wonderful harmony of colors with each other. People who gather in a large area throw paint at each other that is in powder or liquid form.

This fun ritual is held for a fertile harvest according to The Hindu faith. The ongoing caste system in India is also disappearing during the festival. Those you need for the festival, which is held after the first full moon, which takes place in March, are just an old T-shirt and colorful paints. Then you can lay yourself in the arms of a childlike zeal on the streets of Vrindavan.

If you are following the agenda a little closely, you must have heard the name Burning Man if you are actively using social media. In recent years, it is quite popular among a certain segment in our country. So don’t be surprised if tours are held for the festival soon. The festival, held in the Black Rock Desert in Reno city, begins the last week of August. For a week, thousands of people live in the middle of the desert, regardless of all the rules. The goal of the festival is to free the soul through art.

A city is set up in the desert, and this city has been performing for a week the most extreme examples of dance, entertainment, and art. The Burning Man combines the participants are a work of art in itself. There is a reason why this name was given to the festival. A colossal-sized wooden statue is being burned in the city square on Saturday night. This is why the festival is called Burning Man, which means “Burning Man”. At the end of one week, the festival area is literally restored to its original state, and until the next year, the festival remains a memorable moment.


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