5 Countries To Go For The Festival Only


Those fun days we all wanted to take part in… Would you go thousands of miles for a festival you’ll remember for the rest of your life?

Hundreds of different festivals of various cultures are held around the world. In this article, we compiled 5 countries with dizzying festivals for you.

3 when Brazilian festival words come side by side. the word becomes Rio.

In addition to being the most famous festival in the world, the Rio Carnival, which is also the largest carnival, is held in the famous city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Multicolored images appear at the Rio Carnival, which is held in February each year and continues for 4 days. Millions of people from all over the world flock to Brazil to attend this festival.

The Rio Carnival is held before the Great abstinence, a major event in Christianity. This date corresponds to 7 weeks before Easter. Since Easter is on different dates every year, the date of the carnival changes accordingly. Apart from the Rio Carnival, various festivals and events such as a Brazilian Festival, Gramado Cinema Festival, mixed-race day are also held in the country.

There is a much wider range of festivals in Germany than you might think. The most famous is undoubtedly Oktoberfest,

A large number of visitors from abroad flock to Munich for the festival, which is held in Munich, Germany at the beginning of October each year. An average of 6 million people attends the festival every year. If you want to feel the enthusiasm of the autumn in you can spend this October at the Oktoberfest by browsing the overseas tour options.

Other festivals held in Germany such as Schützenfest Hannover, Michaeliskirchweih, Kramermarkt are also celebrated with great enthusiasm. You can already plan to take part in these festivals and make a full tour of Germany.

The people’s Republic of China is a very well-established civilization. Because of this cultural richness, many different festivals are held in many parts of the country. If you plan to go to China with overseas tours, we recommend you to see the festivals in China.

No matter what period of the year you go to, you can definitely see a festival in China. Of course, it is also important that you get to know the culture closely by doing a tour of China first. Let us come to the most important festivals in the country: the Lunar Festival is one of the festivals attended by almost everyone in the country and the aim of the festival is to welcome the autumn and send the summer off in the best way.

The Spring Festival, another important festival in China and celebrated with great enthusiasm every year, is held to accommodate the New Year. However, it should not be forgotten that because it is organized according to the Chinese calendar, it is celebrated every year on different dates.

Probably the most cosmopolitan country in the world where all religions live together and India.

Such a rich culture brings with it a variety of festivals. If you plan to do a tour of India, we recommend that you coincide with the festivals because the festivals of India are worth a visit. Let’s start with Holi.

The Holi Festival is a festival in which a unique Revel of color emerges, performing to color images. A large bonfire is lit by Indians on the eve of the Festival. Thousands of people dance and sing around this fire. On the day of the Festival, an open field is gathered and the colors of the gun are starting to struggle. Apart from that, Diwali is one of the country’s major festivals. Rather important to Hinduism, this festival outweighs the spiritual aspect rather than the fun.

It would not be wrong to say that the world’s most famous festivals are held in Spain. This is a festival Paradise.

Spaniards use the term “fiesta” for festivals. Easter is the beginning of the fiestas that the Spanish care most about.

There is another festival in Spain that is celebrated by the logic of nevruz: this festival called Las Fallas is held to celebrate the end of the winter season and herald spring. Several statues are burned at the festival, which is celebrated in the city of Valencia, and the arrival of spring is celebrated.

The thing we all have in mind when we say Spain is, of course, a bull run. The festival, called San Fermin, is held in the city of Pamplona in July. When the fall is entered, a point is put to the festivals until the spring by making the celebrations of the vineyard breakdown in the country. If you fall your way to this country, which is dizzy with festivals, do not forget to do a beautiful tour of Spain.


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