6 Events You Can Take Part In In Rome In The Autumn


Who says the holidays only happen in summer? We have prepared a bonus fun-filled Rome guide for those who want to take their annual leave in the autumn and travel abroad far from the crowds. If you decide to go on a tour of Italy in the autumn, we suggest that you devote a few more days to Rome, the capital. We have listed for you the most fun events that take place in the fall in Rome, which admires itself with its culture and history:

Interesting Shows From Art | Roman Street Artists (Oct.)
The gallery Varsi is a long-running event and introduces both famous and less well-known street artists to a wide audience. The gallery exhibitions you will encounter throughout the event are simply perfect and a different series is on display every day. If you visit Galleria Varsi this fall, you can get the opportunity to see the works of three different street artists. The exhibition by the artist M-City, which runs until October 19, is definitely worth a visit. From October 30, you can see the artistic works of street artist Sainer and Bezt, a combination of reality, fantasy and fairy tale.

Film | Rome Film Festival (October 16-25))
The Rome Film Festival is one of the most attended among Italy’s festivals. The festival, which takes place at the end of October, gives moviegoers a literally unique experience. More than 40 films are being screened at the Rome Film Festival, the only festival that attracts people from around the world in such an art-filled historic city. The Festival aims to introduce the work of emerging directors to both more well-known European directors and directors from more distant countries.

Photograph | Fotografia Rome (Nov.)
Taking place internationally, this photography festival Rome Fotografia opens its doors in Rome this November. 13.this year’s exhibition will be held at the National Museum of Contemporary Art and will focus more on portrait photography. Fotografia Rome includes more than 2,000 photographs, including photographs by famous photographers such as Roger Ballen and Larry Fink, and if you are interested in photography, you can take part in workshops.

Opera / Rigoletto (Oct.)
Love the opera or not, or have never been to the opera before, believe me, this is different from all of them! We recommend that you set the time for visiting the famous Opera House in Rome according to the events. Let us remind you that classical opera Rigoletto will be on display from the end of October. You can buy your tickets for this show at the bookies in Rome or online. Rigoletto, including Victor Hugo’s le Roi’s work, promises a memorable experience for all participants. A classic tale of love, flamboyance, and humility, Rigoletto is a great experience both for those coming to the Opera for the first time and for the more experienced audience.

Festival | Rome Europa Festival (September-November)
Every autumn, Rome hosts the Europa festival of Rome, which aims to introduce the bold and innovative work of contemporary artists to the public. Roman Europa, sometimes called The Contemporary Festival, aims to encourage creative brains to produce more because of their contribution to dance, music, theatre, and digital media. The festival has 118 shows, 15 different venues, and several programs featuring more than 20 premieres.

Festival | Open Air Festival (October-November)
The Open-Air Festival consists of events that draw attention to urban renewal in Rome. These events, which span several months, aim to revive an abandoned industrial complex located in San Lorenzo in central Rome, where street art from around the world is on display. The Festival is a mix of street art, photography, architecture, and cinema, and ultimately participants witness the transformation of an abandoned urban space into a stunning modern work of art.


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