6 Festivals To Enjoy In Greece


Greece, which is among the indispensable addresses of summer holidays, welcomes its visitors with its long beaches, colorful nightlife, and delicious food. Those who want to try different tastes, discover new places and experience Greek culture on the spot get the wind in Greece. Those who prefer Greece for the summer holidays face festivals that will add joy to their enjoyment. In Greece’s event calendar, which is full of festivals, everyone has a chance to find something for themselves. While touring Greece, we recommend taking breaks at festivals and adding memorable memories to your holiday.

Orthodox Easter

All streets are littered with candles at the Orthodox Easter Festival, dubbed the biggest event of the year in Greece. After dark, the lit candles light up the area and the fireworks show begins at midnight. A different event is held every day during Easter Week, which is referred to as Holy Week. The children go door-to-door at these events, collecting money and eggs from the elders, and singing a hymn called Lazaros in unison. A day of mourning for the death of Christ is held during the events. After the mourning, the place is decorated with flowers and processions are held to represent the funeral of Christ.
Everyone who attends the event on the streets of Athens Walks with candles in their hands, and people waiting around throw flowers at those who walk. The ceremony, which took place on Saturday evening as part of the event, is of great importance to the Greek people. During this ceremony, all the lights of the church are turned off and an Easter candle is used for lighting. Colorful eggs appear in the Orthodox Easter, which allows you to get to know Greek culture and beliefs.

International Film Festival of Patras City

The Patras International Film Festival, attended by hundreds of film directors and young artists, brings together those who want to show off their talents, share their ideas and meet new ideas. The Patras International Film Festival, where young artists meet veteran artists and beautiful films are screened, usually meets their lovers in the last days of June.

In order to participate in the festival, you have to reach Patras, which is two hours from Athens.


Apokreas, where you will witness colorful images, is called the Carnival season. The event begins with the arrival of spring. Greek culture-specific outfits appear and special dance performances are made with these outfits. Private wine productions are being offered to the public.

When it’s night, the Greek people gather at some point and have fun together. There are minor changes in the history of Apokreas every year, and the celebrations, which usually continue throughout February and March, end with the day that the Greek people call Clean Monday.

River Party Festival – Nestorio Kastorias

It is also known as the river Party Festival – Nestorio Kastorias River Festival, which is among the oldest festivals in Greece. The Greek people, who have not broken their traditions for years, still hold their oldest festivals. At this festival, which is a little far from Athens, the Greek people gathered around the Bistrica River and guests from neighboring countries spent five days together enjoying a joyful time together.

During these five days, swimming competitions and music feasts are held in the camps.

Lycabettus Festival

The Lukabetus Festival is a world-famous festival in Athens that takes place all summer with a beauty that does not fall out of languages. Every summer hundreds flock to Athens for the Lukabetus Festival. This festival, in which the people of Athens also show great interest, takes place in the old mine quarry at the highest point of the city. World-famous artists participate in the festival and give concerts that will not be forgotten. For the Lukabetus Festival, where magnificent voices are performing, the Greek people are beginning to count the days from the winter months.

There is also a cable car option in transportation to the place that used to be used as a theatre in the old mine which is located at a very high point. We recommend that those who wish to travel by cable car on their tour of Greece attend the Lycabettus Festival at the first opportunity.

Hellenic Festival

In the Hellenic Festival, which is called the Greek Festival, unique works from all branches of art meet with art lovers. The Hellenic Festival, which has become the biggest pleasure of summer evenings, is one of the most famous Greek festivals. During the Festival, Theatre plays, dance performances, local and international music performances take place in the ancient Greek Theatre. Offering a unique experience in all aspects of the arts, everyone can find an event to their liking at the Hellenic Festival.

The Hellenic Festival offers a choice between tours of Greece in the same time period as many branches of art.


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