7 Places To Visit In Basel


After Zurich and Geneva, Basel is Switzerland’s third-largest city and lies on the border with Switzerland, France, and Germany. Without doubt, Basel, which tops the list of places to visit in Switzerland, will find almost everything from art to history, culture to Entertainment. With stunning medieval architectures, stunning carnivals, festivals, events and concerts, world-class art museums and stylish restaurants, you will never forget your Basel tour for the rest of your life. The 7 Best Places to visit in Basel, Switzerland’s city that is not very touristy but which is so quiet and peaceful, have been compiled for you.

1-Basel Minster (medieval cathedral))
The magnificent Basel Minster, or medieval cathedral, at the top of the Rhine, is famous for being one of the places where tourists are most interested in. The construction of Basel Minster Cathedral began about 1000 years ago and lasted exactly 500 years.

In 1356, the cathedral was destroyed by an earthquake and rebuilt by Johannes Gmünd in an architectural style highlighting Romanesque and Gothic lines, with an eye-catching roof with green-and-yellow tiles.

2-Rathaus (Town Hall))
The Rathaus or town hall is a famous building with views of the Basel Marktplatz, with a 500-year history and notable for its red bricks.

The town hall, built-in 1501, was built to symbolize the city’s incorporation into the Swiss Confederation. Besides the meetings of the cantonal parliament, Basel-Stadt also hosts the cantonal government.

Spalentor, dating from 1370, is an imposing gate lined with the most notable ramparts in the Old Town. Spending time in the Old Town for a day will allow you to learn a lot about Basel’s history.

Don’t end your Basel tour without touring Spalentor.

4-Theodors Kirche
Theodor Church is an evangelical (biblical preacher) Reformed Church of great importance located in the city of Basel. Dazzling with its Gothic architecture, Theodors Kirche Church is located in the famous Wettstein.

5-Rhine River
The river Rhine, offering one of the most breathtaking views in Europe. There are plenty of fun activities you can do on the Rhine River, which runs through many cities, including Basel. One of them is undoubtedly to tour Basel with riverboats.

6-Basel Zoo
Basel Zoo, known as “Zolli” by the Basel natives, was founded in 1874 with 510 European animals; today it also manages to attract attention with its more native and exotic species.

If you want to explore the underwater world, we can say that there are multiple underwater living creatures to be discovered in the vivarium.

7-Old Town (Altstadt))
We guarantee you will want to stay for hours in Basel’s Old Town, which has a well-established history of over 2000 years. With its cobbled streets, stunning medieval buildings, small cafes, bakeries, shops, and museums, you must visit the Old Town, one of the best-preserved and most beautiful places in Europe.

* Restaurant Schlüsselzunft-a great restaurant with à la carte menus, technology products, interesting cooking, and presentation techniques, reasonably priced food service and delicious wines.
* Chez Donati-serving for fifty years, this restaurant is one of Basel’s most exclusive and the best address of piedmont cuisine.
* Schloss Bottmingen-surrounded by Water, 14. an elegant restaurant with a magnificent garden terrace in a century-old castle.
* Tinguely Museum-a famous art museum that fascinates visitors with Tinguely’s kinetic art sculptures.
* Spielzeug Welten Museum – teddy bears, dollhouses and the largest collection of dolls in the world are waiting for you in this museum.
* Vitra Design Museum-Design Museum with an international reputation.
* Kunst Museum-houses the largest and most important public art collection in Switzerland.
* Museum of culture – Basel’s Ethnographic Museum is very impressive with exhibitions in South America, Africa, East Asia, and Oceania.
* Fasnacht (Basel’s Winter Carnival) – celebrated with great enthusiasm along with 20,000 masks, it is known as the largest and most popular festival in Switzerland.
* Many museums in Basel are free at the first market of each month.
* Join Basel’s free walking tours and learn about the city’s historic and rich cultural heritage.


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