A Natural Pool In Thassos: Giola


How about swimming in the Giola Lagoon on Thassos Island, which is a natural pool view with its immaculate and clear water carved into the cliffs?

There are also no legends about Giola, which is among the most beautiful natural swimming pools in the world. In Giola, a pool created by Zeus for Aphrodite, the Queen of beauty, Aphrodite swims. Another legend says that the pool was the eye of Zeus.

The lagoon, which is in the Astris region of Thassos, maybe a little difficult to reach as it is among the cliffs. However, you can easily reach the lagoon with a shoe suitable for walking on the cliffs.

The most convenient times you can swim in the lagoon, which is crowded in summer, are May, June, and September, October.

The water of the lagoon is warmer than the sea.

It can be a privilege to go out to sea in the lagoon in the morning. Both people are not and the water is very clean and clear.

If you are going to stay in Giola for more than a few hours and enjoy both sunbathing and swimming, we recommend taking food and drink with you.


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