A Place In The Dream: Venice


Venice is a small island city founded on 118 islets in northern Italy. Based on 118 islets, there are 170 canals separating this city from the islets, and 400 bridges connecting these 170 canals. This diverse geography of Venice, the city of bridges and canals, also makes it one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Venice, whose history is based on ship trade, has been the most important city of trade for many years. The education of many European merchants in Venice’s schools also achieved great success in trade. Today, as we all know, Venice, which is the biggest source of livelihood for tourism, welcomes millions of tourists with its world-famous carnival held every year.

Trip To Venice

One of Venice’s most familiar symbols is the Santa Lucia Railway Station, where songs are written in his name. We recommend you start your Venice tour from this train station. Standing on the steps of the train station and watching Venice along the stature will be one of the special moments on your trip.

Continue your trip to Venice with the rather imposing Church of San Simeone Piccolo, located opposite Santa Lucia train station. At this point, you will see Dorsoduro in front of you. It is located opposite the most famous square in Italy and Venice, San Marco Square, and features the Basilica of Santa Maria Della Salute, the Dogane di Mare and the Academy of Fine Arts.

Venice tours are indispensable and Venice’s most famous point is undoubtedly the Grand Canal. For this canal, which is 2 km long, there is general blood: this is exactly Venice’s most beautiful street. The Grand Canal is also Venice’s most photographed spot. Around 200 Manors lined up side-by-side in the Grand Canal also makeup Venice’s most magnificent buildings.

When planning your Venice tour, you will surely include San Marco Square. In San Marco Square you can see the Clock Tower, The Lion of San Marco and many historical buildings. Marbles used in many of the historic buildings in San Marco Square are brought from Istanbul.

Venice has a special structure both in its history and today. The name of that structure is the Basilica of San Marco. The importance of the basilica is that it is dedicated to San Marco, who wrote one of the four Gospels and was chosen as the protector of Venice. We recommend that you not only view the Basilica of San Marco from the outside but also enter it. Because inside the Basilica, right at the entrance door, there are four statues called ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’. The marbles of these sculptures are also brought from Istanbul.

The Duke’s Palace and the clock tower are among the buildings to be seen on a Venice trip and are located in San Marco. After seeing these two structures, you can enter a street from the Square and add different discoveries to your Venice trip.
If you are interested in history, then surely turn your way to St. Mark’s Bell Tower. This tower is the first time Galileo has presented his telescope to the Senate. The bell tower, which has a length of 99 meters, is the tallest structure in Venice. After seeing St Mark’s Bell Tower, there is another structure that bears witness to history at the time. These structures, called Ahlar Bridge and prison, are known as structures where torture chambers are located and where escape is not possible. So there is a bridge called the Ahlar Bridge, which allows jailed prisoners to look at Venice for the last time and sigh. Without forgetting, the only person in history who escaped from this prison was Casanova, one of the notorious philanderers.

Apart from the Ahlar bridge, the Rialto Bridge is an important bridge to see on the Venice trip. Rialto is the oldest of the 4 bridges over Venice’s Grand Canal.

If you have planned a tour of Venice and you have a day, the other important buildings you should see are the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa in Frari, The Clock Tower in San Giacomo di Rialto, II. Victor Emmanuel Memorial Square, the hotel where Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie filmed the Tourist, Hotel Danieli and the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore.

We suggest that you take your trip to Venice to coincide with the time of the famous Venice Carnival. You can say that you will experience a unique trip to the Venice Carnival, which takes place in January-February and lasts about 8 days. For this, you need to arrange your trip before it gets too close to festival time. Because there is an enormous crowd at the Venice Carnival and it is impossible to find a place in hotels. With an early Planned Venice tour, you can both take part in the Venice Carnival, the world’s most famous carnival, and explore one of Italy’s most exclusive cities.


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