A Russian Novel In Taste: Kars


One of the popular places visited by domestic tours in recent years is Kars city. Whether it is a 24-hour journey from Ankara, a train ride with the Eastern Express or a direct flight to Kars Harakani Airport, Kars is possible. The airport is only 5-6 km away from the center.

With the growing winter tourism and the popularity of the Eastern Express in recent years, the number of facilities in Kars has increased day by day and you have many accommodation options during the Kars tour. Still, there is a benefit in booking early, given that the season has been short-lived.

About The Name Kars

Where the name Kars comes from, say the name of the city goes back to B.C.While the Kipchaks who acquired the desert fox named Karsak as a totem were referred to by this name, Karsak became colloquially Kars over time. One legend is that the name Kars came from “Karis Kalaki”, which means “Gate City” in the Georgian language. It also has the title of being the oldest Turkish provincial name in Turkey.

History Of Kars

Kars was under the rule of the Huris, Urartians, Scythians, Parthians, Sassanids, Seljuks, Georgians, Mongols, Karakoyunians, Akkoyunians and Ottomans (there were many Armenian villages during Ottoman rule) in the history of 1877-1918, after being under Russian occupation for 40 years.

During the 40 years of occupation, some of the buildings built by the Russians with Baltic architecture were restored and managed to reach the present day. Kars, which is our easternmost city, where Seljuk, Armenian and Russian architecture is blended, has influenced us with the fact that it has been able to bring different ethnic cultures together over time.
About Kars Cheese
Many European entrepreneurs invited to Kars by the Tsar of the period during the Russian occupation ensured the development of Kars. One of these entrepreneurs, David Moser of Switzerland, realizes that the natural conditions of the city are very suitable for gravy here, and in 1910 he set up a cooperative-style dairy called “Zavot” in Boğatepe, a Molokon Village. This is how Kars gravy is born. The building where this cooperative was founded Today hosts the” Zavot Eco-Museum ” as a museum where stages of traditional homemade cheese are introduced and plant species are exhibited in the region. Only 90 pounds of gravy from about 1400 kg of milk of cows fed on the Highlands at an altitude of 2500 is obtained through quite troublesome stages.
Places To Visit In Kars
Streets displaying Baltic architecture
Kars Castle
Church Of The Apostles (Kümbet Mosque))
Conservatory Building
Old Stock Exchange Building
Stone Bridge
Fethiye Mosque (Old Church))
Tomb and Mosque of Abu’l Hasan Harakani
Kars War History Museum bloody Tabya Caucasian front (must be seen))
Katerina Hunting Lodge
Sarikamis Ski Resort (featuring crystal Land seen only in the Alps)
Çıldır Lake (the only lake in Turkey where you can sledge on ice)
Ancient City Of Ani
What To Eat In Kars?
There are many other local dishes that are not heard in Kars, which is famous for excavation. In addition to the goose meat served alongside bulgur pilaf cooked with scraped water, you can experience the delights like evelik (cut vaccine) soup, hangel (leaf ravioli), piti (appalling flavour made from Lamb Shin), umaç (flour) halva and kete in the restaurants listed below. In addition, during the winter season, you can eat in these restaurants and watch the local lovers throw and Georgian dance performances.
Restaurants where I can suggest you to eat during a trip to Kars:


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