Barcelona Celebrations In Festive Mood


Barcelona’s neighborhood festivals are bizarre, but famous for being so engaging and entertaining. Barcelona, Catalans worth their name Love parties. If you have a plan to be in this city in the summer, we can guarantee that there will already be different parties, festivals, celebrations, and events every day.

While some of Barcelona‘s parties and celebrations were on their way to becoming a “regional festival”, it began to become a separate neighborhood party, unique to every region in the city. From Gracia to Poble Sec, from Barceloneta to the Arts, most Catalans have unusual celebrations in the summer.

Gracia, which has thousands of visitors every August, is known as Barcelona’s most famous party and entertainment city. Gracia, now called the neighborhood, was formerly an independent city, meaning it had its own identity. You can spend the most fun minutes of your life in Gracia, which continues to be a popular area in artists and bohemian culture.

Every summer season for a week, the extraordinary street decorations prepared by the people living in the area are surely worth a visit. Every year the top three streets with different themes by voting receive awards for their decorations, and this is a contest that has been very contentious indeed. The red-blooded pool and Zombie, one of the most glamorous Barcelona buildings of recent years, are right in the middle of the street.

This celebration is free and it takes place during the busiest month of the Year in terms of Barcelona tourism, especially going through incredible crowds on weekends. You might even have to line up to get into the most popular streets, as Carrer gave.

You’ll also admire the stands, which sell live music, food, and drink, and Correfocs, a Catalan tradition where residents along with the street parade dress up as demons and set off with fireworks. If you want to avoid burning, you can wear protective clothing. You can buy the guide for 1 euro to help you plan your Barcelona tour.

Among other neighborhood celebrations, Gracia‘s locals gather to share food and drink, sitting at tables on the street and chatting. Enjoy Gracia’s unique decorations and entertainment.

* Poble Sec
Poble Sec, a district at the foot of Mount Montjuic, is another popular place of celebration. In a word, the crazy people who radiate energy are turning the work into a bit of a show as they climb to form the human tower. The traditional La Sardana dance comes out. Castell is the name given to these human towers that exist in the tradition and dance culture of the Spaniards. Unfortunately, although it’s nice to watch, it’s a dangerous show where there are Falls and injuries.

Another of Barcelona’s most enthusiastically celebrated festivals is undoubtedly the Festa de Sant Roc. Classic parades and human towers, as well as entertaining competitions, are also held. One of these is the competition for adults to drink plenty of wine in porró jugs.

* Sants
Sants, which does not have many tourists, hosts numerous events and celebrations focused on live music and is known as a smaller version of Gracia. Sants locals adorn some of the streets just like in Gracia, but celebrations are held with far fewer crowds. Concerts, fun competitions, runs and cycling races are held for children at the nearby Spain Industrial Park.

You’ll also feel the real traditions of the region, with Catalan food, domino’s games, boat fairs, board games tournaments, a Catalan hot dog lunch called botiffara and plenty of vermouths.

You can also add festivals and celebrations such as Raval (with a focus on diversity and music), Poble Nou (with an arts and community theme) and Barceloneta (with a beach and sea theme) to your list. Unusual and certainly unique here, the event is a parade called the Tomb of Tred, where capazs and locals bless their pets.


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