Kakava Hidrellez Festivities

In addition to its natural beauty, Edirne has also been commemorated with Kakava Hıdrellez festivities in recent years.

5 Cities Famous For Their Festival

ne of the most important things you have to witness to get to know the cultures of countries and societies closely is festivals. Every phenomenon that forms the framework of life can be the subject of a festival.

6 Festivals To Enjoy In Greece

Greece, which is among the indispensable addresses of summer holidays, welcomes its visitors with its long beaches, colorful nightlife, and delicious food. Those who want to try different tastes, discover new places and experience Greek culture on the spot get the wind in Greece. Those who prefer Greece for the summer holidays face festivals that will add joy to their enjoyment. In Greece's event calendar, which is full of festivals, everyone has a chance to find something for themselves. While touring Greece, we recommend taking breaks at festivals and adding memorable memories to your holiday.

Entertainment Fashions Of Recent Times: Festival Ships

Yes, today's article presents a cruise tour to a festival area. Ship festivals or festival ships are undoubtedly the most interesting events of recent years and offer culturally diverse and interesting experiences by participating tourists from around the world. Yes, cruise ships go through a lot of fun, go to exotic places, say hello to the day somewhere else every day. What about festival ships?

23 Information You’ve never heard about the Holi Festival

Every year in India the arrival of spring is met with fun celebrations from each other. With a celebration of the Battle of Colors called the Holi Festival, everyone throws colored paint powders at each other. The gargantuan ensembles that are Motley meet spring with frantic fun. We share 23 information about the Holi festival that you've never heard of before.