Costa Rica Family Holiday


Costa Rica can also have a great holiday as a family. Costa rica family holiday

The Pearl of Central America
Before I went to Costa Rica, as always, I searched for places to visit in the country and I came up with such a fluffy list that I had a bit of a hard time deciding which one to prefer. Because, 25% of Costa Rica is made up of parks. There are more than 27 national parks and over 58 wildlife areas. I’m afraid to say the number of beaches, because more than 300 🙂

Incisimonteverde road of Central America, Costa Rica
Costa Rica is the first thing that comes to mind at the beginning of the rainforest, national parks,wildlife and surfing should not be surprised I think. And on one side of the country, the Caribbean Sea on the other, the Pacific Ocean is waiting for us, but if you like to surf and choppy seas.

Some of Costa Rica’s attractions have been disappointing, but some have caused me to say they should come here again. Unfortunately, there are a few places left that I can’t go to, but I drew my map of the places to go before I set off.

After my trip, do I think about the places to visit and see in Costa Rica? Let’s let’s look:

1-Tortugero National Park
It is a national park located on the edge of the Caribbean Sea in the north-east of Costa Rica. Tortugero ‘ s Turkish turtle. The spawning period of green turtles from August to September. October-November the arrival of baby turtles to Earth.If you were there at the time, don’t miss it!

Cute Turtles In Tortuguero National Park
There is no chance of getting to tortugero by car only by boat. The region contains many rivers and canals and resembles the amazon rainforest. For those who want to be intertwined with wildlife, I think Costa Rica should be at the top of the list of landmarks.

In the meantime, remember that you will be only 40 km from the Nicaraguan border! You can jump into the boat and change the country immediately 🙂

2-Monteverde and Santa Elena National Park
Located in the middle of Costa Rica, close to the easy-to-reach town of Santa Elena, San Jose, these two parks are rain and fog forests. They host many creatures. You know Elena National Park, because of the Avatar movie is a place because some parts of the Avatar were shot here. You should register at least one of the two national parks in your list of places to visit.

3-Manuel Antonio National Park
The park in southern Costa Rica allows you to see a lot of cute monkeys up close. You’re so close, watch out for your bag, don’t get carried away.

Manuel Antonio National Park
Sloth: where you’ll see lazy monkeys most comfortable. It’s a pleasant walk and a zone where you’ll be a guest on the lives of many animals. At the same time, I think Costa Rica’ s two beaches in the most comfortable to swim in.

Places To Visit In Costa Rica’s Sloth, The Lazy Monkey. Manuel Antonio Park
4-Poas Volcano
You will see the largest crater in Latin America on the Poas active volcano. He’s always waiting to explode because he’s fuming over it, and the crater lake, where the world’s most intense sulfuric acid is found, is also himself. If you’re lucky with the weather, a spectacular view awaits you. I think it’s definitely a volcano that needs to be seen.

5-Hanging Bridges (Suspension Bridges)
Costa Rica is also famous for its suspension bridges hanging on trees, and there are many park areas where you can enjoy this. I went to Mistico Arenal National Park,

But the Monteverde region also has skywalk and Selvatura Paks. In Costa Rica, they said that the hanging bridges to go to Selvatura Park, but my preference was Mistico 🙂 in my mind, I wanted to remind you that there is also one long hanging bridge in Monteverde National Park.

6-Corcovado National Park
The southernmost national park in Costa Rica offers you a chance to become intertwined with incredible wildlife. You need to reserve at least 3-4 days for going and walking areas to Corcovado. Although it was one of the places I wanted to go the most, unfortunately I couldn’t go. When I lost so much time on the roads of Costa Rica, I ran out of time.

Located on the Pacific coast west of Costa Rica, the Ostional Coast is one of the beaches that will make surf enthusiasts very happy. If you are in Costa Rica during the time of turtle spawning or babies being born, you can write down your list of places to see.

Optional Playa, Costa RikaPlaya Ostional, Costa Rica
8 – Playa Espadilla
Located right next to Manuel Antonia National Park, Espadilla is a beach where you can enjoy a pleasant time with views and sunset. To me, it’s the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen in Costa Rica. If you pay attention to the waves there is a chance of swimming, of course 🙂

9-Hotspring, Thermal Facilities
On the way from Poas volcano to Arenal National Park you have a chance to find a lot of thermal facilities. The Arenal River is also like a hot spring. So there are many hotels and thermal facilities atrafında. You can enjoy this enjoyment with Costa Ricans at no cost if you wish. If you’ve been to Costa Rica and you’re in that area, don’t go back without entering the river!

10-Playa Manzanillo and National Park
It is located on Costa Rica’s easternmost Caribbean coast, Manzanillo. Although the Park and the coast looks very nice, unfortunately, the beaches here are very not clean 🙁 also there, I want to remember that the colorful view of the Caribbean Sea is not. If you just say you want to see Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast then I’d say go to the far end.

Costa RikaManzanillo, Costa Rica
If you are here, you are 15-16 km from the border with Panama 🙂


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