Do These Things In Japan


It is famous for its numerous natural beauties that inspire and fascinate visitors to Japan, where it dazzles for four seasons with its stunning natural landscapes. With its historical buildings, Botanical Gardens, interesting museums, beautiful city parks, and shopping areas, Japan is a very modern country, so you should keep your holiday time flexible. During the tour of Japan, you can take a holiday that you cannot forget by gaining experiences beyond your dreams.

Before climbing the world-famous Fuji Mountain, you can set out to perform the most adventurous activity of your trip to Japan after paying homage to the region called the goddess of the mountain. You can be sure to witness the spectacular views on this journey, which is quite sacred to the Japanese people.

You can explore the historical sanctuaries and Buddhist temples in Kyoto and tour the city by renting a bicycle to see the Geisha district.

Among Japan’s most famous delicacies, rice takes its place in the front row. You can reach the Japanese Alps by train for a taste of local rice wine.

After spending a day on the slopes of Niseko, you can warm up by having a hot drink at the famous Igloo Ice Bar.

We recommend that you always try delicious sushi from the ingenious hands of a sushi master in Tokyo. Japanese cuisine has tastes that you’re never used to as a flavor. You can see many varieties of sushi by going to fish markets early in the morning. Tsukiji is the country’s most famous fish market. Among the most popular varieties of sushi is California Roll Venigiri.

Kenrokuen Garden, one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan, admires every seer with its charming bridges, hiking trails, tea houses, trees, flowers. Kenrokuen, 19, which was once the outer garden of Kanazawa Castle. it was opened to the public in the late century. In spring, plum and cherry flowers, and in autumn, colorful maple leaves reveal a different side of the beauty of the garden in all seasons.

You can watch under the Sakura trees in the lead role of the Cherry Blossom Festival. You should not leave Japan without experiencing this different atmosphere by participating in a traditional Japanese event. These cherry blossoms, which will beam you to a different world, actually symbolize rebirth. By participating in this beautiful festival called the heralding of spring in Japanese culture, you can experience an experience you cannot forget.

Tea ceremonies are very important in Japan. The Japanese people have made these four main elements-respect, serenity, purity and harmony-a way of life. You can observe the Japanese quality of life, human relationships, respect and love for each other, and enjoy these special green teas by attending tea ceremonies.

There are about 5.5 million vending machines in Japan where you can shop. You can find these vending machines almost anywhere. From these machines at every corner, you can instantly get whatever you need on your tour of Japan. It will provide ease of shopping during a trip to Japan.

The Noto Peninsula, which forms the northwestern part, is home to Japan’s most impressive coastline and untouched prairie landscapes. You can take part in activities such as fishing, swimming, and camping, as well as navigating the peninsula, the natural scenery. Two famous tourist attractions, the city of Wajima and Wakura onsen, are the must-stop destinations for those who want to experience town life in Japan. If you want to perform a peaceful and enjoyable activity on your tour of Japan, you can also add this peninsula to your list of destinations.

You can explore a different face of Japan by visiting the city of Shibuya in Tokyo. Every one of the streets in this city looks the same. When you lose your way, you can ask the friendly Japanese people for help. In Shibuya, one of the most vibrant and vibrant cities in Japan, it is difficult to understand how time has passed. Time is running very fast here.

I can’t go back to Japan without tasting sake. Sake is an alcoholic beverage in Japan. Japanese people should definitely see traditional sake offerings, and you can experience different flavors by looking at their tastes. You can also buy a variety of sake you like.

The Asakusa neighborhood has both places to eat and places to buy souvenirs. We also recommend stopping by the Asakusa Kannon Temple in the Asakusa neighborhood. Within this Buddhist temple, there are small shops where you can find different local souvenirs.

Japan’s official currency is the yen. Keep at least 20,000 yen in cash with you. Many businesses sadly don’t accept credit cards.


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