Guide To Riga In 19 Steps


1- The population of Riga, a large part of which is made up of Latvians and Russians, is around 800 thousand and is the most vibrant, vibrant city in the Baltic.

2- A city where you can see the best examples of Art Nouveau architecture. This style of architecture is known as Jugendstil in this city, just like in Germany.

3- The city of Riga is known as the first place where the Christmas tree is decorated. The first Christmas tree in the city was decorated with pine trees in 1510 and spread all over the world and the first Christmas tree decorated came from here.

4- In Riga, where the level of Education is high, people who do not speak English can hardly find it.

5- Riga is a place where Entertainment and nightlife are very lively. Most clubs do not charge admission until certain hours of the night and drinks are offered at very reasonable prices.

6- If you want to view and photograph the city panoramic, Reval Hotel Latvia’s can stop by the Skyline Bar on the floor.

7- Although restaurants are somewhat expensive, prices are not above the European average.

8- The currency used in Riga is Lat. We recommend carrying Lat with you if the Euro passes in some places. (Around 1 Euro = 0.7 Lat)

9- The most important thing to be accustomed to during tours of Riga should be to wait. Your order may be over half an hour, as it moves people a little slowly.

10- Direct flights from Istanbul.

11- The Daugava River runs through the middle of the city.

12 – Riga is the biggest one in the Baltic states.

13-Riga’s historical center’ Vecriga ‘ is listed as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site.

14-in the center of the old town, known as Old Town, you can see Melngalvju Nams, which means the home of the Karakafalılar, and visit the TV Tower, Riga Castle, and St. Peter’s Cathedral.

15-Riga is a member of the European Union, you will need to obtain a Schengen visa.

16-Riga, which is cold in the winter due to its location, is ideal for sightseeing in the spring and summer months.

17 – Riga, you should eat dumplings.

18-there is no time difference between Turkey and Turkey.

19-in Riga almost anywhere is within walking distance.


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