Italy’s Most Famous Squares

Italy, the land of art, culture, food, and love, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Many cities, both in northern Italy and in southern Italy, also admire its magnificent squares, where art and architecture meet. Some of these squares are almost an example of architectural art, while others are festival grounds. We have listed the beautiful and famous squares in Italy for you.

Piazza San Pietro-Vatican City


One of Italy’s most famous squares, St. Peter’s Square, with its original name, San Pietro Square, is located within the cities of the Vatican State. St. Peter’s Square, located in front of the Basilica of San Pietro, where thousands of Catholics come to worship each year, is one of the indispensable stops of their trips to Italy. In San Pietro Square you meet the Egyptian obelisk brought during the reign of Emperor Augustus with the columns of Tuscany. No doubt Bernini’s contribution to taking the present form of the Square is huge.

Piazza Navona-Rome
In Navona Square, which is among the most beautiful and famous squares in Italy as well as in the world, Bernini’s famous fountain is located. The Navona square, one of Rome’s most touristic symbols, is also of distinct importance because it is a symbol of the Baroque style. Navona Square, with its painters, musicians, cafes and restaurants, should be seen both day and night.
Piazza di Spagna-Rome
One of the symbols that comes to mind when it is called Italy is the Spanish stairs. The Fontana Square is one of the most visited places in Italy. Every moment is crowded, every moment is lively, the Spanish Embassy in the area takes this name from the Fontana Square. Other sights besides the Spanish Steps in the Square are the famous Fontana della Barcaccia fountain in The Shape of a kayak and Via Condotti, the famous shopping street.
Piazza delle Erbe – Verona
The historical square of Verona, the indispensable romantic city of Italy tours, Erbe is one of the most beautiful squares in northern Italy. Erbe Square, a gathering area of the people in the ancient Roman period, is surrounded by many historical structures, including Palazzo Maffei, Fontana di Madonna, Torre del Gardello and Torre dei Lamberti. Don’t end your tour of Italy without seeing Erbe Square in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet.
Piazza della Signoria-Florence
Italy’s most artistic City, Florence, and its pupil Signoria Square… Michelangelo’s David statue replica, Neptune fountain, Perseus of Medusa, Bandinelli’s Hercules, such as many works can be seen in this square. In this respect, Signoria Square is described as Italy’s open-air museum.
Piazza Maggiore – Bologna
Bologna, a city built with an excellent train network, is the most advantageous city for the trip to Italy. The Maggiore square, the most beautiful square in red-coloured Bologna, is among the most famous squares in Italy. 13. the famous Neptune fountain, Bologna Cathedral, Basilica of San Petronio, Sala Borsa Library are all possible to see in Maggiore square, a century square.
Piazza San Marco – Venice
If you are planning a tour of Italy, you should definitely include Venice. You’ll be amazed at Venice’s famous square, San Marco, one of the world’s most unique and romantic cities. The famous Clock Tower and basilica and the magnificent San Marco Square are among the most famous squares in Italy.
Piazza di Trevi-Rome
If your coins are ready, turn around and throw your money at the fountain of love so that you can come to Italy once more and have your wish. Trevi Square, where the world’s most famous ritual Fountain Of Love is located, is also famous for its enormous ice cream makers and pizzerias along with its fountain.
Piazza del Compo-Siena
Located in the Tuscan region, Siena is one of the cities that must be added to the trip to Italy. Compo Square is one of Italy’s most famous squares where horse races are held and has a width of 102 meters. Compo Square, where the Magnia Tower is located, also hosts period-by-period festivals.
Bra Square – Verona
Arena di Verona, one of three Colosseum in Italy, is located in Verona’s Bra Square. Bra Square, which also hosts opera and theatre festivals during the spring and summer periods, should definitely take part in trips to Italy.
Piazza Guiseppe Verdi – Bologna
Verdi Square, Italy’s musical Square, is Bologna’s most populous region. There are classical music concerts especially in summer evenings in Verdi Square, which is full of young people from universities. Italy gave the direction to live ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ On your trip to the Square.


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