Kakava Hidrellez Festivities


In addition to its natural beauty, Edirne has also been commemorated with Kakava Hıdrellez festivities in recent years.

Whenever you ask Hıdırellez or Hıdrellez, the novels are made on 5-6 May each year with their colorful exuberant personalities. Hıdrellez, one of the traditional seasonal holidays celebrated in Central Asia and Anatolia, is also called Ruz-i Hızır. The awakening of nature and the coming of spring, the revival of Mother Nature are considered as a source of fertility, luck, and happiness for people living in different geographies for centuries. It is believed that Hızır, who is thought to be the savior of the Darda in the world, and Elijah, who is presumed to be the judge of the seas, met on this day on Earth and was crowned by rituals.

To mention some of these Hıdrellez rituals; surely on the evening of 5 May the fire is lit and three times in the same direction the wishes are skipped over by begging. On the same evening, the intentions and wishes are drawn on a piece of paper and attached to the Rose branch together with the benefit of abundance. The papers written by the wishes are thrown into the Tunca River with the ritual of “entering the spring” at sunrise in the morning, and the coins are placed in the wallet and stored for a year for blessings not to be spent. The next year will be a pleasant day in the open air, a picnic is done, swinging on the swing. For healing, rainwater is collected and washed face with that water. The red and white rope is knotted and tied into wristbands and carried in abundance for at least seven days.

In Edirne, celebrations are held at the Sarayiçi location where Kirkpinar wrestling is also held, where the huge Hidrellez fire is lit and rice is served with the intention of increasing the abundance and sharing the beauties accompanied by dance performances of the Roma. Saraçlar Street, Kakava Kortegi, concerts, competitions are held.

We only came to the festival we ate and drank and had fun let’s see Edirne a little closer, for this Selimiye Mosque in front of the two-story excursion bus leaves at certain hours and without getting out of the vehicle panoramic for about an hour accompanied by live expression Edirne trip is made. The friend in charge of live narration takes us on a journey of history and makes us live in those moments with nationalist feelings.

The bloody Tabias, which we gained in response to the fact that the Bulgarians, Serbs, and Romanians outnumbered us in the Balkan War, the Lausanne monument at the historical Elm train station symbolizing the reintroduction of Elm to the Turkish borders by the Treaty of Lausanne and the campus of the Trakya University Faculty of Fine Arts, which is the current state of the station, The Bayezid complex and its dresser, Kaleiçi quarter are among the places to visit in detail.

Tunca, Meriç and Arda Three Rivers passing through one of the rare cities beautiful Edirne. Especially with the spring, the rivers flow coşkun, the time period when nature blooms and blooms are one of the most suitable times for the Edirne trip. In abundance, but always in abundance…


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