Puerto Rico: A Rare Tropical Holiday Route


After phone traffic, Internet Research and asking acquaintances, we take a holiday route out of clichés: Puerto Rico. This is a United States-affiliated, internal affairs autonomous region.

It is possible to say that most people are thrown into the background when some nearby directions (such as Mexico, the Dominican Republic) are poised, but at the end of our first day, we feel that this place has taken us into its vortex with its crystal beaches, colourful nightlife and warm people. Here’s a destination that’s unorthodox but you won’t feel alien at all: Puerto Rico!

Coast Proposals

We wake up in the morning and excitedly make our way to the beach. Although we succumbed to the love of getting in the water and mostly passed the breakfast, you can make a great breakfast at Kabanas in Condado and start sunbathing by the beach. Our alternatives are quite a lot, we come across another beach per step and we realize that they all have different characters. Condado and Isla Verde are the most popular.

There’s also an island outside Puerto Rico that every native, without exception, suggest to us: Culebra. The journey takes 20 minutes by plane and 4 hours by ferry, so one, perhaps even a few days, needs to be out of sight. But with its crystal waters and crisp white sands, it’s not hard to forget journey fatigue.

Where Should He Go?
Old San Juan
Once we get our enthusiasm for sunbathing and swimming, we make our way to Old San Juan. This is a cute or cute maze where colourful houses are placed on narrow streets. Getting lost in the streets is ideal for exploring different places. But if you’re a classicist, you can find attractions on San Sebastian Street.


You can try Puerto Rico’s sine qua non-drink pina colada at the famous La Factoria, while at the Old San Juan restaurant you can enjoy delicious Puerto Rican flavours (our suggestion would be shrimp!) you can taste.

Castillo de San Cristóbal

After the dinner ceremony, we arrive at Castillo de San Cristóbal, a 15-minute walk away. This is a castle that leads you to tales with its ever-opening lawn and its shore to the ocean.

Built by the Spanish against the British, This castle fascinates us with its breathtaking scenery, especially at sunset.

What Should He Eat?

The La Placita area, a 10-minute drive from Old San Juan, is home to one of our favourite restaurants: Santaella. While goat’s cheese quesadilla is our favourite, we are surprised that every dish we say is delicious. Let’s just add that even the flavours here have convinced us to visit Puerto Rico again!

When It Gets Dark…

San Sebastian Street, where we go through the streets of Motley in the morning light, is one of the most frequent stops of late!

Everyone we see on the street is dancing and with the influence of live music, you can’t stop ourselves from Spanish tunes. La Placita is at least as mobile as San Sebastian, especially on Fridays, where we find ourselves among those salsa on the street. But if you’re looking for an indoor nightclub, you can try Club Brava or Funky Buddha.

It was a journey we couldn’t stop coming back at the end of a week thinking about going back to Puerto Rico. If you want to get out of classic destinations and immerse yourself in The Motley atmosphere, turn your next route to Puerto Rico!


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