Thailand’s 10 Most Secret Beaches

Thailand's 10 Most Secret Beaches

Thailand beach
Thailand is famous for its turquoise sea, white sand beaches and beautiful entertainment comes to mind. Imagine yourself enjoying the occasional breeze, spread out on a beach towel, bringing with it the bronzing and salty smell of the ocean. Spread over your chest, pinned in the sand, fresh coconut to be sipped slowly. Indeed Thailand seems to be the best beach holiday country.
Visiting the Emerald Cave makes for an interesting Beach hunting trip, as getting in and out of the cave can only be done when the tide is low.

The only way to join IS for visitors to walk in a single row as they hold the rope after entering the island. Under the guidance of the guide who runs through the cave, you will soon ascend to a small area where rocky cliffs surround a sandy beach and green waters. Enjoy a view of the sunlight filtered through the cave while waiting in the water, or just lean back to shore for a short snooze. Indeed, it seems pure happiness.
Besides the Little Paradise Cove in Emerald cave, other beaches where you can enjoy Koh Muk include Hua Laem Beach and Haad Farang Beach.
Koh Kradan is located on the banks of the Trang mainland, offering a spectacular beach holiday experience. The dust-sandy beaches covered in vegetation along the coast are certainly untouched as they meet the inviting, turquoise sea that shines in the sun.
This is certainly the perfect beach to take long walks or find some shade under one of the trees and have a picnic while watching lazy waves roll and scatter to the beach.
Hire a long-tailed boat for THB 2000 (~$82) to arrive at Koh Kradan. With your boat, you can wander deep enough for a snorkel or dive and explore the colourful, vibrant underwater life the island offers! It will definitely be a memorable beach holiday!
So get your stuff, the towel and let’s go!
The Immaculate sands and pristine beaches at Koh Kood are as tall as your eyes can see, and the attractive crystal clear waters are in different shades of blue! Although reaching Koh Kood requires Bangkok’s domestic flight, the island’s remoteness promises to be an ideal place where the world can retreat, relax and disconnect from the world.
While you’re here, don’t miss the opportunity to take a short paddle around the island; you can easily hire a kayak from one of the beach resorts, or take a speedboat tour to explore the surroundings of neighboring islands and snorkel. Koh Chang and Koh Mak! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even do oyster diving, which you can cook for dinner!
Koh Mai Phai, also known as Bamboo Island, is one of the hidden jewels located between Krabi and Phi Phi islands in Thailand. But unlike its more popular neighbours, you can be sure to get your peace and quiet on this small island, which invites visitors to enjoy a slice of paradise. Despite being called” Bamboo Island”, no bamboo grows on it. In fact, the landscape and vegetation here are not extremely diverse, but the beautiful waters certainly make up for it – it’s the perfect option for swimming at any time of day.
But if you’re not keen on swimming, surely open waters are not ideal for a dive, so why not splash around shallow areas where you can explore all sorts of marine life, such as Monk crabs? No matter what event you decide, a relaxing trip to Koh Mai Phai is a good opportunity for a decidedly memorable holiday!
Also, visitors who can’t find a place in the resort on this island are invited to set up tents and experience an authentic wilderness camp! On the beach looking at the stars all night? How exciting!
There are many beautiful beaches around Koh Samui island, but Chaweng Beach is the most secluded and peaceful place. Its fine sandy shores are surrounded by shady palm trees that sway in the breeze. Imagine reading a magazine while listening to the sound of waves on the shore, how comforting!
If you’re looking forward to taking some more action, there’s a lot of water sports that will engage thrill-seekers. Choose from skiing, banana boat, windsurfing and wakeboarding! You can even choose to rent a Jet ski and explore the waters on your own! Staff at the beach are also keen to take you on a fishing trip.
When the evening comes, the beach is adorned with seaside tables set up by restaurants where you can have a romantic dinner by candlelight. From relaxing to having fun and ending the day with a dinner under the stars, what could be better? K is decorated with beach tables formed by restaurants where you can have dinner. From relaxing to having fun and ending the day with a dinner under the stars, what could be better?
Koh Lipe is a Thai island in the Andaman Sea, close to the Malaysian borders. Famous for its picture-perfect beach views of its immaculate shores returning to the azure blue waters, it’s no surprise that this place is also known as the “Maldives of Thailand”!
Koh Lipe is usually reached from Pak Bara, Thailand or Langkawi, Malaysia. Just hop on one of the speedboat vehicles, but in the high seasons, you can also find boats coming here from Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, and Koh Lanta.
The most popular beach in Koh Lipe is Sunrise Beach. No reward for guessing why! Be sure to capture the impressive scene where the sun rises and dawn breaks, causing a red and orange riot to leap into the sky. Locals also guarantee that the house is the best place for sunset views, so we won’t be surprised if you decide to place yourself on this beach all day to catch up with these gorgeous views!
Sunrise Beach also has lots of good restaurants and affordable accommodation so you’ll definitely indulge in your choice and feel very lucky when you’re there.
Nang Yuan Island, located next to Koh Tao province, is a hidden beach unlike any other. Setting aside aquamarine waters, picturesque rocks and sandy shores, Nang Yuan is also famous for being an idyllic diving island, so dive enthusiasts, beware! If you’re a bit rusty, there are courses on the island where you can freshen yourself up in resorts, so you don’t have to worry!
You can choose to take a fifteen-to twenty-minute walk, a fifteen-to twenty-minute walk, a view where you can admire the landscape panorama of the entire beach and take great photos like postcards!
If a walk isn’t what you really want, make a start for the beach! With its gorgeous crystal-clear waters, Nang Yuan creates a spectacular snorkelling spot where you can find an abundance of coral varieties just metres from the shore. You can even spot the parrot fish and watch the fish among the corals! The Bay Area is also shallow, calm and sheltered; it’s a great place to try swimming with children and snorkelling.
Protected by majestic, jagged cliffs, its three sides are in Maya Bay, located on Phi Phi Ley island. If this beach sounds familiar to you, it’s because it was where the film The Beach (2000), starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was shot! This sunny, slice of tropical paradise promises clean, glittering sands and dazzling sky blue waters that are great for swimming and snorkelling!
For those looking for an adventurous experience, Maya Bay Sleep Aboard offers a sunset cruise and plankon tour, or a Maya Bay Sleep Tour, where you can swim in the waters revived by plankton, which Bio-shimmers the sunset. It’s going to be a really interesting underwater light show!
You will go camping on the boat overnight after swimming with plankton, asleep on board! After a party on the lower deck, the crew will enjoy their sleeping bags and cushions, where you can sleep peacefully under the stars on the deck.
Located at the northeast end of Ao Thong Nai Pan Yai and Ao Thong Nai Pan NOI, thong Nai Pan has two main beaches: Ao Thong nai Pan Yai and Ao Thong Nai Pan NOI. This beach, with its vast, plane-free Golden Sands, offers the perfect setting for children to wander around, build castles made of endless sand, or pack a Frisbee and volleyball for extra family fun!
As the day approaches, gather around you to watch the sun melt into the distant horizon, and admire the pinks and oranges that spread across the sky. You’ll be amazed at such a view to see a beautiful sunset.
Have you had a carefree day at the beach playing games and just walking away from all the stresses and anxieties of life, accompanied by a spectacular sunset view? We can’t think of a better way to end the day!
Like its name, it’s no surprise that Shark Bay Beach in Koh Tao is a popular snorkelling area where visitors can swim with black-tipped reef sharks who visit the area every day. While the smaller ones lurk closer to the shore, you can find the larger ones as you swim towards deeper areas. There have been no incidents of sharks here and local people are guaranteeing that these creatures come and go peacefully, so you don’t have to be scared!
During certain periods of the year, there are also harmless small jellyfish that invade the Bay. Be careful if they’re not poisonous, because no one likes to be stung in succession!
The beach is quiet and clean, with thin, sandy shores dotted with sparse vegetation and a few palm trees. Take a packed lunch picnic or a few drinks while admiring the tranquil scenery. There are plenty of resorts and restaurants around, so it’s not hard at all to get more food and drink or accommodation for the night!
Well, what are you waiting for? Skip popular beach destinations like Krabi and Phuket and choose one of these 10 hidden gems instead! There can be no better holiday than enjoying your own little island paradise with a sea of vitamins!


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