The Most Detailed Salzburg Sightseeing Guide You Can See


Thousands of tourists visit the city of Salzburg in the north-west of Austria every year. As soon as you step into Salzburg, Austria’s fourth-largest city, you can already imagine your fascination. You can make a pleasant culture and history tour in Salzburg, where you can see the best examples of Baroque architecture. Music fans are a significant part of the tourists who come to Salzburg.

In Salzburg, known as the city where Mozart was born, you can see the house where Mozart was born, and taste the Mozart dessert that integrates with the city. The city of Salzburg is located right on the border with Germany. Therefore, you can find common points about German and Austrian culture in Salzburg and follow the traces of the Second World War. Salzburg tours usually consist of 3 to 4 days. You can also make a full holiday by planning your Salzburg trip on a minimum of 3 days.

Places To Visit In Salzburg

Among the places to visit in Salzburg is the home of the first prominent Mozart. Today, the House That Was Turned Into The Mozart Museum is actually the one where Mozart opened his eyes to the world. At the Mozart Museum on Getreidegasse Street, you can see the first instruments and compositions of the famous composer and meet important traces of Mozart’s life. Admission to the museum costs 11 euros. Hohensalzburg Castle is also one of Salzburg’s major tourist spots.

When you go to the eye-catching castle built in the 1500s, you can receive a surprise musical performance. You won’t spend a moment without music in this city known as the capital of classical music. Salzburg’s city square runs as Residentplatz. At Residentplatz, the city’s most popular square, you can buy souvenirs for your friends and get a chance to taste the city’s tastiest dishes. The street performers in this square, where you can see the most beautiful works of Baroque architecture, will give you unforgettable mini-concerts.

You can sit in cafes or benches in the city square and listen to classical music and enjoy Salzburg with a view of the historic buildings. Night clubs and bars are also located in this square, which is also quite busy at night.

Eating and drinking in Salzburg

In Salzburg, you can taste the most delicious schnitzel, a traditional Austrian dish renowned to the world. In Salzburg, Schnitzel is often served with homemade marmalade and boiled potatoes. You don’t have to think about what we should drink in Austria. Austria’s most famous drink is its local beers and, of course, its homemade liqueurs. In Salzburg, you can try traditional Austrian beers and enjoy quality wheat beer.

We don’t think you can resist the smell of roast potatoes in the city square when you’re hungry in the evening. You won’t be able to easily forget the taste of french fries in Salzburg. If you want to eat something healthy in Salzburg, you can try the coleslaw here. Coleslaw, common in eastern European cuisine, is also very popular in Salzburg. When you go to Salzburg, try the bread that looks like a bagel. Called Mozart bread, this bread is a favorite snack of tourists. You can’t go back to Austria without a taste of chocolate. You can also take a few packages of Austrian chocolate to your home to present to your friends.

Shopping In Salzburg

Salzburg is also one of the most popular cities in Europe when it comes to shopping. You should not return to your country without shopping from boutiques and world-famous shops in Residentplatz Square. There’s a big discount going on in Austria, especially after Christmas. If you will be in Salzburg during the Christmas period, you can find some nice pieces from the discount.

Remember, shops in Austria where you can shop can be closed on Saturday or Sunday. Therefore, you should always check your shopping hours. If you’d like to buy souvenirs for your friends from your trip to Austria, we suggest browsing through keychains with snow globes or Mozart figures. We don’t think you can resist much of the Mozart souvenirs that will come across during the Salzburg Tour.

Transport In Salzburg

You don’t need to spend too much time on transportation when preparing a Salzburg sightseeing guide. Salzburg, a small Austrian city, offers a very practical application in transport. You can make a nostalgic and enjoyable trip through the city center using horse-drawn carriages. Since the horses here are looked after under very good conditions, you may feel comfortable using a carriage in transportation. You can also use a bus instead of a coach in Salzburg city transport.

Tourists prefer to walk because the city of Salzburg, in general, is small and flat. You can reach the city center from the airport in 20 minutes by bus 2 if you wish, or you can be in the city center in 15 minutes by using the train line. Direct planes depart from Turkey to Salzburg every day. If you want to explore this fairytale city of Europe and have a holiday with the music, you should see Salzburg as soon as possible.


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