Time to sail the Far East!


You’ve been dreaming about the Far East for so many years… you say if there’s time to go… it’s too expensive, you say save some money and go away … and that’s how it goes on. Neither can you realize your dream of the Far East nor give up that dream. Make a decision now, set your time and budget. Because the beautiful Far East tours, and especially the ones with the ship, will regret you missed it!

A Trip Far Beyond Your Dreams

Are you ready to go to the most beautiful shores of the Far East in a five-star concept-floated hotel? Quantum of the Seas offers its passengers a cruise that they will never forget with the latest technological possibilities and features and comfort that you have never seen anywhere before. Among the cruise tours, you will admire the guests of Quantum of the Seas.

Taking a cruise in which there are fun activities and organizations, and every detail from swimming pools to movie theaters is considered, will make you feel very privileged.

About Quantum of the Seas Cruise ship

The Quantum of the Seas ship, which has technological facilities that are not on any of the ships you have seen up to this time, is described as the last point where technology can reach the seas. The ship, which was launched into the water in 2014, weighs 167,800 gross tonnes in total and is 348 meters long. With a capacity of 4,905 people, Quantum of the Seas has 2,090 cabins.


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