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    Refund & Return Policy

    Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19, refunds may take a minimum of 1 to 6 months or more due to financial challenges faced by airlines and other service providers. We regret any inconvenience and strive to offer our best services. All other refund rules (outlined below) are currently inactive.

    No service vouchers, air tickets, or other documents will be provided until 100% payment is cleared. The final service price will be determined at the time of the actual booking, not at the client’s payment time. Clients are required to pay any price differences that may occur during this period. Disputes arising from price differences after payment may be eligible for a refund with a 10% service charge on the total service value, deducted with a minimum of BDT 2000+ per person for any service value amount. In case of disagreement with a price increase after payment, the client must notify us in writing within 1 hour of receiving confirmation that the service price will increase from the original quotation. If done so, we will arrange for a refund minus the service charge within 7 working days. All refunds must be collected from our office via cheque, and this is unavoidable due to global bookings.

    All services are nonrefundable unless stated otherwise in the original service voucher or quotation. Service cancellations must be communicated through the client’s original email or the original communication method (in writing).

    Bookings will be canceled without notice 2 working days before the departure date if full payment is not cleared. A 70% advance payment may be acceptable if the departure date is 30+ days from the booking date, depending on 3rd party supplier policies. For departure dates less than 30 days away, 100% payment must be made for any kind of bookings.

    Late payments will incur extra fees: 2–5 days delay = 2% of the total due bill, 6–10 days delay = 5% on the total due bill, 11–30 days delay = 10% on the total due bill. After 30 days, we will file a lawsuit for the due bill + legal fees + court fees + compensation for harassment without prior notice to the client.

    We will respond to communications only within office hours (10:30 am to 07:00 pm) and working days (Sat–Thu, except govt holidays & other holidays).

    International travel involves various foreign entities such as foreign embassies, immigration bodies, airlines, accommodations, tour operators, transport, etc. Changes beyond/within our control may occur without prior notice due to these foreign entities, especially foreign government bodies. No financial damage will be compensated for any changes made by foreign entities. Refunds are subject to refund fees as per individual services.

    Any refund is subject to cancellation charges depending on the specific service purchased. All communication must be made through the initial contact person who provided the service. Other office staff cannot assist or entertain inquiries.

    We are responsible for the services provided and are liable for and limited to the amount paid for the service. Claims exceeding the total value of the service provided will not be entertained under any circumstances.

    If you do not understand any terms or documents provided, it is your responsibility to ask us and seek clarification.