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    Terms and Conditions

    Welcome to Holidayz Tours & Travels Ltd. (“HTTL”, “Holidayz”, “we”, “our”, “us”) Website (collectively, the “Site”). Our platform is designed to assist users in acquiring travel information, checking the availability of travel-related goods and services, and making legitimate reservations or transactions with travel suppliers. This usage is subject to the following Terms & Conditions. By accessing or utilizing the Site, whether to review information, book travel reservations (via the Site, telephone, or email with our call center), or for any other purpose, you agree to adhere to these Terms & Conditions, governing any travel reservations made with us. If you disagree with any aspect of these Terms & Conditions, please refrain from using the Site or booking travel reservations through us. We retain the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. Updated terms take effect automatically, and your continued use of the Site following any changes signifies your acceptance. Kindly revisit this page periodically to stay informed of any updates. HTTL operates under its brand name “Holidayz Tours & Travels Ltd.” with the motto “Your Travel Starts Here”. All statements within these Terms & Conditions regarding HTTL are inclusive of our affiliates, subsidiaries, and parent companies, encompassing all disclaimers.




    HTTL operates as an intermediary, arranging travel-related services with third-party vendors, including airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, tour operators, and consolidators (“Travel Suppliers”). These services encompass air transportation, lodging, and car rental (“Service Elements”).

    When using this Site, you acknowledge that the rates offered by HTTL and affiliates result from negotiations with Travel Suppliers. These rates include fees, taxes, and charges retained by them for their services. By booking through this Site, you authorize HTTL and affiliates to book reservations on your behalf with Travel Suppliers for the total displayed price, covering fees, taxes, and charges.

    HTTL is not liable for errors on the Site or failures of Travel Suppliers. We do not endorse, guarantee, or insure the products or services provided by external suppliers. In the event of a supplier default, your recourse for a refund is typically with the defaulting supplier, unless the loss is solely caused by HTTL.

    Except as expressly stated, HTTL assumes no responsibility for events beyond its control or the actions of Travel Suppliers. We are not liable for any consequences resulting from acts, errors, omissions, or other actions of Travel Suppliers. HTTL is not responsible for fluctuations in price, changes in schedule, or other alterations post-booking.

    HTTL acts as a service for retail travel agents and consumers, with no control over or liability for supplier actions. We are not responsible for final currency conversion rates and disclaim any liability related to currency variations.

    Certain travel reservations may be non-refundable, and penalties may apply for cancellations. Once tickets are issued, penalties may be incurred for cancellations and refunds. Prices on tickets are not within our control.

    Discounts vary based on factors such as airlines, class of service, destination, time of year, and booking conditions. HTTL does not guarantee, endorse, validate, or promote products and services advertised on our Site.

    Booking with us forms a contract between you and a Travel Supplier, subject to the supplier’s Terms & Conditions. You agree to comply with all purchase terms, including payment and adherence to rules and restrictions. Violations may result in reservation cancellations, denial of access, forfeiting payments, and debiting your account for related costs.


    Some customers may qualify for a reduction in fees related to cancellations, refunds, or ticket changes, in accordance with our Compassion Exception Policy (CEP) outlined below:

    CategoryEligibility requirementsDiscount off service fees
    Bangladesh Army/Navy/Air force (traveller and Immediate family*)Military ID must be provided100% discount off Holidayz cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
    Customers directly affected by severe weather, natural disaster or other uncontrollable eventIf airline is waiving change/cancel fees, we will follow100% discount off Holidayz cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
    Bereavement (affecting traveller and Immediate family*)Letter from the funeral center is required100% discount off Holidayz cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
    Customers with visual impairmentsCustomer must state that he or she has a visual impairment and is unable to use the web site50% discount off Holidayz cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees.
    Senior citizens (65 years and over)Proof of DOB required50% discount off Holidayz cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees.
    Youth (between 18 and 25)Proof of DOB required50% discount off Holidayz cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees.

    * Immediate family includes: spouse, domestic partner, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews. Eligibility is valid regardless of the biological nature of the relationship.

    Please be aware: The aforementioned Compassion Exception Policy (CEP) is specifically relevant to HTTL’s internal charges for cancellation, refund, or ticket changes. Customers may still be accountable for penalties imposed by airlines and/or other suppliers, as well as any fare discrepancies. HTTL does not govern the policies of these airlines and/or other suppliers.


    By utilizing the Site, you are consenting to permanently relinquish any claims against HTTL, its subsidiaries, or affiliates, as well as any officers, directors, managers, agents, contractors, or employees of these entities. You explicitly agree that neither HTTL nor its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, managers, agents, contractors, or employees will be held responsible for:

    1. Loss of property, injury, or damage caused by defects, negligence, or any wrongful act or omission by any Travel Supplier.
    2. Inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, mental distress, or similar matters.
    3. Delayed departures, missed connections, accommodation substitutions, service terminations, or changes in fares and rates.
    4. Cancellation or double-booking of reservations or tickets beyond HTTL’s reasonable control.
    5. Claims of any nature arising from air or other transportation services, products, or features associated with your itinerary.

    For clarity (and without restricting the above), HTTL bears no liability for canceled flights, missed flights, or flight disruptions due to scheduled changes made by the relevant airline.


    In the event of a disagreement with a supplier of travel products or services (including but not limited to airlines, hotels, cruise lines, railroads, car rental agencies, tour operators, consolidators, vacation packages, activities suppliers, traveler assist service providers, and insurance providers), you hereby release us, our affiliates, partners, joint ventures, and their respective officers, directors, managers, agents, and employees from any claims, demands, and damages (direct, indirect, incidental, and consequential) of all types and nature, whether known or unknown, arising from or in any way related to such disputes.


    All prices for air tickets and other services are contingent upon availability at the time of booking, not at the time of payment. Should the price of a service increase or become unavailable after the client’s payment, the client is obligated to pay the price difference. If the client chooses not to proceed with the service, a refund will be issued, deducting a service charge of a minimum of 5000 BDT per person or as specified at the time of the refund, depending on the service.

    Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all air tickets are non-refundable. Any modifications to an air ticket are subject to airline fees, agency service charges, fare differences, and airline policies. All alterations to airline tickets are subject to the rules of the respective airline. The policies for date changes, cancellations, refunds, and other services are governed by the airline’s policy, airline fees, and agent service charges. The agent is not responsible for disclosing information to passengers beyond the gross price of the service.

    All financial communications will be conducted through official agent methods such as email, WhatsApp, money receipt, or invoice. No information related to internal or third-party financials will be provided. Passengers are expected to thoroughly read all details provided before purchasing air tickets and other services. It is the passenger’s responsibility to inquire about all aspects of an air ticket before making a purchase. Any issues raised after ticket issuance, claiming ignorance of certain aspects, will not be entertained.

    Air tickets cannot be booked beyond the allowed timeline specified by each airline. Issues related to flights, such as delays or cancellations, are the responsibility of the airline. All air tickets will be canceled 24 hours before the flight if the passenger has not made a 100% payment. Passengers must furnish valid passport and visa proof for ticket issuance. Any service beyond air ticket issuance is subject to extra fees based on airline policies, such as seat selection, meals, upgrades, wheelchair assistance, transit visas, transit accommodation, or other services.


    1. Prices are subject to change without notice based on availability. Even after advance payment, prices may change until the booking is confirmed.
    2. Tour packages and related services are subject to availability at the time of booking, not at the time of payment.
    3. Accommodation names mentioned will be included as per individual tour package details. In case of unavailability, a similar accommodation will be provided, meeting specified criteria.
    4. Price quotations provided may be valid for a maximum of 24 hours and are subject to availability.
    5. After client payment, if the service price increases or becomes unavailable, the client must pay the price difference. If the client decides not to proceed, a refund will be given minus a service charge.
    6. Service charges apply if you don’t purchase the given service quotation after the visa is approved.
    7. All unpaid services will be canceled four days before the departure date.
    8. Custom tour package quotations will not be provided without being informed of the guest’s actual budget.
    9. Hotel standard check-in is at 14:00, and check-out is at 12:00. Early check-in or late check-out may incur extra fees charged by the accommodation directly to the guest.
    10. Guests are encouraged to check the hotel website online for standards and facilities. By purchasing travel services from HTTL, you agree to the hotel’s service standard provided through checking the facilities online from the hotel’s official website.
    11. Travel services and accommodation images will be provided if available after full payment for the booking is complete.
    12. Published rates are not valid during blackout periods such as holidays, trade fairs, exhibitions, and special events.
    13. It is the guest’s responsibility to be at the designated pick-up/drop-off spot and locate the driver/tour guide. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the transfer or tour without refunds.
    14. If the guest can’t find the driver/guide, they should wait 15 minutes and call the local operator number given in the voucher. If HTTL is called, it will take more time to solve the problem.
    15. If the hotel is outside local operator services, extra surcharges apply, payable by the passenger to the driver directly.
    16. Transfers from 9 PM to 7 AM may have extra surcharges applied, payable by the passenger to the driver directly.
    17. If the hotel is outside the local operator service area, the guest must meet the driver/tour guide at the mentioned location at their expense.
    18. Entry fees to attractions are not included in any tour unless mentioned otherwise.
    19. Package prices mentioned are per person based on a minimum of two passengers unless stated otherwise.
    20. Booked packages must be canceled 31+ days before the departure date, subject to each tour package’s individual terms and conditions. If canceled after 31 days before departure, no refunds will be given.
    21. No refunds will be given for unutilized services. Any advance given for any package is nonrefundable.
    22. Due to unavoidable circumstances, some changes to the package may be necessary, and guests are expected to understand.
    23. Rooms near family/friends depend on availability, and there is no certainty for that.
    24. Waiting time at the airport may be 15-90 minutes depending on the local operator. Waiting/extra luggage charges may apply. Each adult is allowed one luggage (28 inches max) and one carry-on (12 inches max). Failure to arrive on time will result in booking cancellation/no show, and the guest must arrange their transport.
    25. No additional instruction to the local operator/guide/driver for any changes in the itinerary can be made. Exact timing and itinerary should be followed. Any instruction to wait/return/come back/other changes may result in confusion and cancellation of the booking with no responsibility to Dragon Holidays BD.
    26. Airfare is nonrefundable regardless of airline rules. Any changes made to the itinerary are subject to fees and service charges.
    27. All tour packages are nonrefundable and nonchangeable. If change is permitted, the guest is required to pay the price difference for new dates.
    28. Guests are requested to follow the rules and regulations of the resort/hotel where they are accommodated.
    29. In the unlikely event of reserved accommodation not being available upon arrival, an alternate accommodation of the same standards will be immediately arranged.
    30. There is no legal liability for any loss, damage, or personal injury arising directly or indirectly from any aspect of the holiday.
    31. Journeys undertaken by air, land, or sea are governed by the terms and conditions of the service provider, and any changes made by the service provider are out of our control.
    32. In the unfortunate event of vehicle breakdown, the local operator will provide an alternate vehicle. However, the time loss due to the event will not be compensated.
    33. In case of immigration/visa complications, the cancellation policy shall be applicable in full as nonrefundable.
    34. All communications during the tour must be done with the local operator. Any issue must be communicated with the local operator at the time of the issue. Communicating with HTTL about a local issue will require a complaint form to be filled and submitted for review, taking from one to four months to investigate and process.
    35. 70% of the total payment must be made for bookings with a departure date of 31+ days later. For bookings less than 31 days early, 100% payment is required. Advanced booking money is nonrefundable regardless of the circumstances.
    36. Any changes to the tour after payment requires new fees depending on the changes.
    37. Any bookings made by HTTL may or may not be under the guest’s name, as per different local establishment rules and policies.
    38. It may take up to 2-7 working days to issue actual service vouchers depending on accommodation and other local operators.
    39. Hotels, resorts, transportation, or any tour operator may charge guests extra as per their specific policies on surcharges, regardless of what is mentioned in the guest voucher. HTTL is not responsible for these fees.
    40. HTTL is not responsible for any delays by 3rd party airlines, local transport, or local tour operators. Any financial loss due to delays is not our responsibility. Any transport will not wait after a specific waiting time. Delay due to flights will result in booking becoming a no-show with no refunds given, and the guest must arrange their transport.
    41. Any delay by the airline will result in missing the airport transfer or tour and is not changeable. Please arrange alternative transport yourself.
    42. The driver will wait a limited amount of time after your flight lands, depending on local operator waiting time, which can be 30 – 60 minutes. If the driver is not found near the arrival area/exit gates, the driver will leave with no refunds given. If the flight is delayed, inform the local operator immediately. They may be able to reschedule your pick-up; otherwise, the pick-up will be canceled with no refunds.
    43. As a budget travel arrangement, local providers are cheap and do not follow standard levels of service compliance. We will not provide any support for this type of service booked.
    44. It is the customer’s responsibility to locate the driver, as the driver has limited authority to move inside the airport.
    45. Child/Infant policy is subject to individual hotel/transport/local tour operator.
    46. We are not responsible for any aspect of the tour that is out of our control or jurisdiction.
    47. Failure to mention all details of children is subject to local establishment or tour operator decision, and we are not liable for any financial loss if incurred.
    48. Any tax, service charge, or other fees imposed by the local or foreign government must be paid by the guest directly to the authority upon arrival or check-in.
    49. Any extra charge imposed by any 3rd party is payable directly by the guest and is not our responsibility. Any fee imposed by 3rd party, like airlines or hotels, is payable directly by the guest.
    50. Any change made by the local operator is out of our control and is not our responsibility.
    51. If any hotel, tour, transport, or other service is not available on the spot, please call the local tour operator or local partner number on the voucher and mention your booking number and name. No other information is required. The local operator will arrange an alternative service as per availability.
    52. Any tours may or may not include transfers from the hotel, depending on the tour operator’s policy. Any tour that includes hotel transfers may not be available if your hotel is not covered by the tour operator’s service area.
    53. It is the passenger’s responsibility to bring required documents for entry to a foreign country.
    54. If a flight is canceled or missed by the passenger, they must contact airlines to change dates.
    55. Any refunds processing time will be from 30 to 90 days depending on the local tour operator’s policy.
    56. Entry fees to attractions, sights, historical or other places are not included and must be paid by the guest on the spot.
    57. All hotel rooms are provided as the basic version of any hotel in DBL/TWN if not mentioned otherwise by the guest in advance. Any request for a specific room is subject to availability and extra fees.
    58. Purchasing a tour package or hotel service means you have seen the hotel that is offered and agree to it. Please look at the hotel information online before confirming.
    59. HTTL reserves the right to change any policy without prior notice.


    1. 100% of the processing fee and all required documents must be provided together in advance.
    2. For visas to first-world countries, processing may take 7 to 15 working days, unless specified otherwise.
    3. HTTL is not responsible for delays in the visa process due to embassy technical or non-technical issues.
    4. All visa service charges and embassy fees are nonrefundable regardless of the visa outcome.
    5. Visa processing starts after the payment of 100% of the processing fee and the submission of all correct information and documents.
    6. No guarantee is given for visa approval; it depends on the embassy’s decision. HTTL is not responsible for any visa refusals.
    7. Clients must provide fully prepared and submitted documents, including notary, certification, translation, etc.
    8. HTTL does not provide false papers or support any illegal or unethical activities.
    9. After full payment, if the client wants to cancel within one hour, they will receive 80% of the visa processing fee and 100% of the embassy fee if not paid already. No refunds are given after one hour.
    10. Claims for missing documents will not be entertained after the visa file is delivered to the client; it is the client’s responsibility to receive all documents properly.
    11. Reference numbers will not be given to any applicant during or after the visa processing timeline.
    12. Delays in passport delivery by the embassy and any resulting financial loss are not HTTL’s responsibility.
    13. Clients are expected to read all terms and conditions before using HTTL’s services.
    14. Any changes to visa services will be charged extra and must be paid before processing.
    15. HTTL will not provide information beyond the visa delivery notice to the client. Visa tracking information and internal process details will not be shared.
    16. Legal action will be taken against any party trying to pressure HTTL to break agency rules.
    17. Embassies may take extra time to process visas, and mentioned delivery times are approximate. HTTL is not responsible for losses due to late visa decisions.
    18. HTTL will not disclose any embassy contact information regarding any issue.
    19. Visa refusals do not require a cause to be shown, as it is strictly an embassy decision.
    20. If a visa applicant has any due payments, they must be cleared before delivering passports or other visa-related documents.
    21. Embassies may change visa processes, rules, timelines, required papers, fees, or other aspects without prior notice.
    22. Mistakes due to misrepresentation or outdated information provided by the applicant are the applicant’s responsibility.
    23. If any document is proven lost due to mishandling by HTTL, up to BDT 5000 will be paid after receiving legal proof of the document’s value. The service taken must be more than BDT 10,000 to qualify.
    24. For Russian visas, if an invitation is not provided within 7 working days, it will be done in 15 working days, and a 15 working days’ visa service will apply.
    25. HTTL takes written consent for all visa application details, and once the process starts, no changes are allowed.
    26. No changes in purchased services are accepted after the service has started or payment is made.
    27. HTTL will only communicate with the applicant or a designated contact person.
    28. HTTL reserves the right to deny service to anyone after evaluation.
    29. Processes will not be delayed due to lack of information or documents from the applicant.
    30. Payments must be cleared within 3 working days of service completion; otherwise, extra charges apply.
    31. If documents for visa are not submitted on the mentioned date, all bookings and invitations will be canceled.
    32. HTTL does not provide documentation services such as printing, copying, scanning, notary, translation, etc., without additional charges.
    33. Visa scan copy must be sent after visa approval for record and reporting.
    34. HTTL reserves the right to display or make reference to any approved visa it has processed.
    35. Any delay of more than 5 working days in providing information/documents will result in service cancellation without a refund.
    36. For all visa services, if the process is not completed after payment, no refund will be provided.
    37. For Vietnam visa approval, a 100% refund may be given if the visa is rejected by the Vietnam Immigration Authority. No refunds will be given for late issuances or if the visa validity period differs from the client’s request. No date changes are allowed after purchasing the service from HTTL.

    HTTL reserves the right to make changes to its internal policies without prior notice.