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  • KA-226 Ranks Business Center (8th Floor) Pragati Sarani, Kuril, Vatara, Dhaka-1229
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  • In response to the sudden surge in COVID-19 infections, authorities in Kashmir had imposed a lockdown. However, starting from Tuesday, July 14, the renowned region known as the ‘Heaven on Earth’ has once again opened its doors to tourists.

    Currently, the only mode of transportation available is by air, as road travel remains restricted. Train and bus services are temporarily halted. The phased reopening of Kashmir is expected to progress step by step.

    Travelers intending to visit Kashmir must possess a negative COVID-19 certificate. Additionally, upon arrival in Kashmir, visitors will undergo another round of COVID-19 testing. If the test results turn out positive, individuals will be directed to quarantine in designated COVID-19 hospitals.

    This cautious approach aims to ensure the safety of both tourists and residents in Kashmir. The region’s picturesque landscapes and cultural richness are once again accessible to those seeking a serene escape, albeit with strict adherence to health protocols.

    As the tourism industry navigates the challenges posed by the pandemic, Kashmir emphasizes the importance of responsible tourism, urging visitors to follow guidelines and contribute to the collective effort in controlling the spread of COVID-19.


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